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About us

Y&Y is a yacht & boat management team, offering a marine care service, from keeping a professional eye on your boat over the winter (especially when bad weather is forecast), to total care and maintenance, including a comprehensive repair service.


Via monthly winter/annual packages or specific call-outs, you can afford the luxury of having your boat ready for sea at all times.

The team

Hugo Bressy has been in the business for over eight years and has acquired the knowledge and skills to maintain his clients’ boats in top condition. Over this time, he has built up a unique network of boating experts, enabling him to meet your specific needs ASAP.


Passionate about his work and skills, he serves his community as both Coxswain and Training Instructor for the Lifeboat crew station in St. Martin de Ré (SNSM).

And as he also sails for leisure you are quite likely to come across him in local waters …


 We are now part of the Universail network and are certified Boat Manager for Ré Island